Thursday, November 19, 2009

AP mentioning the anglophone terrorist websites

Fox was willing to carry this fairly long commentary from Associated Press, [update: CBS too] datelined Riyadh. The article points out the prominence of Anwar al-Awlaki among anglophone terrorist propagandists, and goes on a little about an allegedly successful effort at de-radicalization of terrorist forum members, run from Saudi Arabia. In reality some of the worst hate-sheikhs in the English language, such as Feiz Mohammed, are Wahhabis controlled directly by the Saudi ruling class. The only Sunni terrorists those people care about are the ones who threaten Saudi Arabia. That subset includes al-Awlaki, but not a great many other English speakers.
As the article says, Sunni terrorist web traffic in Arabic has declined considerably, partly because of the crackdowns that they mention, but also for other sound reasons, in particular the defeat of al-Qa'ida in Iraq.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quilliam's report

Here it is again. The document does serve some useful purposes, which is to say, it is not just another 130 pages of the evasion, equivocation, and perversion so familiar to all observers of contemporary Islamist terrorism. A religious bias is inevitably present, but relatively light. For example, Quilliam does firmly object to the British prison system enabling and facilitating the broadcast of Muslim terrorist incitement from within what the British describe as high-security prisons. On the other hand, Quilliam rather dramatizes the British mishandling of a Palestinian psychiatric patient while not mentioning their equally inept mishandling of other psychiatric patients; indeed they quote the guy's wife in an interview she gave to "cageprisoners" -- a group whose whole purpose is to nurse the self-pity of British Muslim criminals and their sympathizers.

The report and its concluding advice about rehabilitation are not bad on the whole.

They don't mention that Abu Doha is at large. But I'll mention it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quilliam's report re Abu Doha

A British government-funded academic group called the Quilliam Foundation (named after a 19th Century British convert to Islam) will release in a few hours a report about some of the Muslims who incite and "authorize" terrorist attacks even while they are in British custody. The report is unlikely to contain much that isn't already known to those of us who follow the internet activities of the British Muslim fascist gutter, but it will at least compel Whitehall, at least temporarily, to stop feigning ignorance of these goings-on.

Press release from Quilliam with a synopsis of the report.

This excerpt deserves mention:
In 2005, Amar Makhlulif (also known as Abu Doha), an Algerian extremist who is wanted by France, Italy and the US on terrorism charges, was given courses while held in Belmarsh which enabled him to become a 'listener', a prisoner who officially mentors and gives advice to other prisoners.

That was in 2005, though. Today Abu Doha is at large in the UK, protected by the British government from his victims in other countries, and furthermore the British authorities have ordered the British press to help them conceal the fact that they have released him, for they have told the press to identify Abu Doha only as "U". See e.g. The Times.

Update, 16 November:
The whole thing. A 130-page pdf.
More coming.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yemen claims to be seeking to arrest al-Awlaki

See CBS. It is true that al-Awlaki's internet performances have called for the destruction of all the Arab regimes including his own in Yemen, but whether the feeble Sana'a regime actually wishes to take any action against him, I don't know. Their sudden show of concern over him is undoubtedly due to pressure from the United States, because Nidal Malik Hasan is one of al-Awlaki's admirers.

Update: Today, 12 November, that vile punk al-Awlaki is front-page news at Fox among other places.