Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quilliam's report re Abu Doha

A British government-funded academic group called the Quilliam Foundation (named after a 19th Century British convert to Islam) will release in a few hours a report about some of the Muslims who incite and "authorize" terrorist attacks even while they are in British custody. The report is unlikely to contain much that isn't already known to those of us who follow the internet activities of the British Muslim fascist gutter, but it will at least compel Whitehall, at least temporarily, to stop feigning ignorance of these goings-on.

Press release from Quilliam with a synopsis of the report.

This excerpt deserves mention:
In 2005, Amar Makhlulif (also known as Abu Doha), an Algerian extremist who is wanted by France, Italy and the US on terrorism charges, was given courses while held in Belmarsh which enabled him to become a 'listener', a prisoner who officially mentors and gives advice to other prisoners.

That was in 2005, though. Today Abu Doha is at large in the UK, protected by the British government from his victims in other countries, and furthermore the British authorities have ordered the British press to help them conceal the fact that they have released him, for they have told the press to identify Abu Doha only as "U". See e.g. The Times.

Update, 16 November:
The whole thing. A 130-page pdf.
More coming.