Thursday, November 19, 2009

AP mentioning the anglophone terrorist websites

Fox was willing to carry this fairly long commentary from Associated Press, [update: CBS too] datelined Riyadh. The article points out the prominence of Anwar al-Awlaki among anglophone terrorist propagandists, and goes on a little about an allegedly successful effort at de-radicalization of terrorist forum members, run from Saudi Arabia. In reality some of the worst hate-sheikhs in the English language, such as Feiz Mohammed, are Wahhabis controlled directly by the Saudi ruling class. The only Sunni terrorists those people care about are the ones who threaten Saudi Arabia. That subset includes al-Awlaki, but not a great many other English speakers.
As the article says, Sunni terrorist web traffic in Arabic has declined considerably, partly because of the crackdowns that they mention, but also for other sound reasons, in particular the defeat of al-Qa'ida in Iraq.