Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another tantrum by professional victim Moazzem Begg

He copied a blog entry which smears the 30-year veteran of human rights campaigning Gita Sahgal. Of course a Muslim supremacist like Moazzem Begg has nothing but hate for any Hindu, particularly a female.

Before Begg copied that spew to his own website, I had seen it myself in its original location. I said to the author, "When I saw the word 'Republican' in the first sentence, I stopped reading." And indeed it's just the work of a narcissistic self-righteous self-pitying hypocrite. But it takes the side of the malignant and worthless professional victim Moazzem Begg. That was enough for Begg, and he copied the whole thing.

Begg, a 15-year-old girl has more backbone than you.

Moazzem Begg on his own is not worth my attention. No, my purpose here is to damage Amnesty International. A group that seeks to profit from hate and evil is a group that I seek to destroy. Treacherous hypocrites of AI, I say to you:

You hired a Taliban member with a total contempt for justice, utterly intollerant, and a proponent of using the most evil possible means to achieve the most evil possible end. Then you put him on the road to lecture the world about right and wrong.

More coming. But Amnesty, with or without my contributions, this scandal WILL NOT GO AWAY. Everything that Muslim fascism touches, it destroys. Your group will be no exception.