Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Threat from the Taliban in North Waziristan

It doesn't look very meaningful to me, but it has got quite a bit of press attention, so here is the complete original (unedited), which appeared in English.



I have received a pumphlet distributed in the population of North Waziristan that says that

the Taliban and government of Pakistan has signed for the safety of local population a peace deal which asked to Taliban that they will stop attacking the security forcers and in turn the government will remove all the checkposts and remove the forces deployed in Bakakhel village. Now the government has committed several acts which are against the peace deal.

1. They have esbtablished all the checkposts and some new checkpost are established as well.

2. They are asking even the women to show their N.I.C at checkposts. This is a big shame for tribal people their women are asked for NIC and most of the women are without NIC due to the slackness of government.

3. They have established network of spies which spy on mujahideen and then the drone attack come which cause losses to both mujahideen and local people.

4. They have done an unannnced operation of village Machas.

So the shura of Mujahideen declares that we will no more be patient if the government continue to voilate the peace deal.
If the army started another operation here the Mujahideen will start a big war in the area so the local people are directed to form a committee of the elders to meet Hamid Karzai and ask him for a safe place for the local people to migrate. Though He himself is kaffir but he is better to lookafter the peace deal than the Pakistanies.

From: Shura Mujahideen of North Waziristan Agency.


Brothers are requested to spread this news so that it reach the ears of Pakistani population.


One footnote: "village Machas" refers to the small refugee camp that was raided by the Pakistanis on [corrected] 22 January 2010 -- Islamabad's first serious action against the Taliban in North Waziristan. One Tallie was killed and several dozen, mainly Afghans, were arrested.