Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hesbah forum

These are the usernames of the sixteen "writers" in al-Qai'da's Hesbah forum.

الشيخ حسين بن محمود
Sheikh Hussein bin Mahmoud
one of the two writers who has his own section at Hesbah. The other is "Sheikh Attiyutulla".

الشيخ د. هاني السباعي
Sheikh Doctor Hani al-Siba'i. He lives in London, and that is his real name. He is embargoed by the US and by the UN Security Council, and has been wanted in Egypt since the case of the Returnees from Albania.

الشيخ عطا نجد الراوي
Sheikh 'Atanijad al-Raawi

عبد الإله شائع
Abdul-'Illa Sha'i (he renders the first name abdulela in our alphabet)


راية العقاب
Banner of Punishment

ابودجانة الخراساني
Abu Dijanah al-Khurasani (update: dead)

زياد أبو طارق
Ziyad Abu Tariq


يمان مخضب
Ayman Makhsub

عبد العزيز شاكر
Abdul-Aziz Shakir

ابو عبد الرزاق
Abu Abdur-Razaq

مجاهدمن الصحراء
Mujahid from the Sahara

عبد الرحمن الفقير
Abdur-Rahman al-Faqir

أسد الجهاد2
Lion of Jihad 2
sometimes uses the title
رأس حربة المجاهدين
War chief of the mujahideen

أبو طه
Abu Taha

One other notable for now:
Sheikh Attiyutullah
الشيخ عطية الله

His writings are archived at Hesbah, but he does not personally participate there, as far as I know.