Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kavkaz versus the "London Criminal Group"

The Kavkaz website publicises the dicta and propaganda of the violent Sunni totalitarian faction in southern Russia whose current emir-for-life is

Dokka Umarov
Доку Умаров
دوكو عمروف

Abu Uthman or Abu Usman
Абу Осман
أبو عثمان

Umarov's group is descended from the Mashkadov-Khattab-Baseyev gang that was funded from Arabia. Those three individuals are dead but Mashkadov's "foreign minister"

Ahmed Zakayev
Ахмед Закаев
أحمد زكاييف

is still alive in London. Zakayev withdrew from the heavy fighting in Chechnya to Turkey via the Pankisi Gorge (Georgia) in 2000, due to an injury. He has not been in Russia since. But he retained the endorsement of Mashkadov until the latter was killed in March of 2005. Mashkadov's successor Abdul-Halim Sadulayev went on the martyr pile in June of 2006, and it became Umarov's turn.

To his kufr hosts in the West, Zakayev claimed to disapprove of the Moscow theatre hostage-taking, which ended with about 150 people plus 50 terrorists dead. But Zakayev subsequently promoted Shamil Basayev after the latter claimed credit for the theatre incident.

Zakeyev is now in trouble, not from the West, but from Umarov's group. This excerpt from a spokesman of Umarov says what that group is nowadays about:

The statement of our Amir [Umarov] means that he considers Allah, the Most High, who sent down for us the best law and guidance through His Messenger Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the only source of authority, and not the people. He also renounced terms that contradict Islam, such as: republic, parliament, president etc. His statement is the rejection of the democratic system of governing and pagan beliefs and doctrines associated with it. Mujahideen of the Caucasus have nothing to do any more with all concepts incompatible with our Religion, such as human rights, international law, referendum, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and will of the people.

What matters to Umarov is a supply of money, a supply of weapons, and religious authorizations for aggression. Evidently his religious authorization is coming from Salafists, although he scoffs at being called Wahhabi or al-Qa'ida. And Umarov seems no longer to require money from LCG either. And if the jihad no longer has any use for Zakayev, then neither does Berezovksy and his London Criminal Group.

Lately there has been a substantial whispering campaign against Zakayev. Some say he "has links to European intelligence". Some are more specific and suggest that he gave MI6 something against the Kremlin in return for asylum in the UK. One mujahid told Kavkaz that he had been betrayed in some way by Zakayev, and then added that Zakayev would surely betray his fellow members of the LCG likewise. He even hinted that Zakayev might be plotting to kill Berezovsky. That sounds to me like an attempt to incite the killing of Zakayev by the LCG. It could work. Alexander Litvinenko is dead enough. Litvinenko was a hanger-on, or groupie, of Zakayev (they lived next door to each other) and Berezovsky and other such bigshots. As if to try to measure up, Litvinenko would tell one fantastic tale after another about the doings of the KGB, e.g. saying that an insider had warned him not to go to Italy, because it was full of KGB headed by Romano Prodi. I'll speculate that Berezovsky's LCG killed the pathetic Litvinenko, and then painted that trail of radioactive polonium -- impossible to miss -- all the way from London to Moscow, to incriminate Lugovoi and the Kremlin. Berezovsky wants to take over Russia. Realistic or not, that's what he wants.

On top of the suspicion-mongering, Kavkaz is trying to incite the lynching of Zakayev in all the usual Muslim ways:
-- accusing him of making anti-Islam statements.
-- accusing him of breaking an oath.
-- accusing him of collaborating with Kufr.

To demonstrate those claims, I will excerpt some bits from a Kavkaz "interview" of Umarov's propaganda boss Movladi Udugov in June 2008. Apart from an opening prayer, the script begins with an attack on Ahmed Zakayev:

All that has been said or will be said (or done) by the former CRI foreign minister [Zakayev] and his circle has no importance whatsoever. That man is not independent, he is in a foreign country in a position of a de facto hostage and he is dependent on certain people as well as specific circumstances. He actually is not making it a secret either. So, his words and deeds have no importance whatsoever.

But there is the flipside of the issue. Even if you take into an account that someone really does have a thick dossier with defaming materials on the former CRI foreign minister and he is being blackmailed, or the ex-minister really is a faithful democrat, as he claims to be, it still does not justify the fact of treason and betrayal of the oath, and no one has abolished the responsibility for it.

And there can never be any kind of ideological unity of the Mujahideen with the anti-Islamic London group, which has been using the same "accusatory arguments" against the fighting Mujahideen that the enemies are using.

Euro-Chechens per se (the London group of Chechen national democrats) and pro-Moscow group of Chechen Murtadin (apostates/pro-Russian collaborators) are ideological relatives. There are no ideological disagreements between them. They have different "benefactors" (this is where the mutual dislike of their leaders comes from), but the ideology is all the same: animosity towards Islam and non-acceptance of the Sharia.

So, Umarov's utterly Islamist "information director" is accusing Zakayev of apostasy and treason and collaboration with kufaar against Muslims. That means Umarov wants Zakayev dead.