Friday, September 26, 2008

Umarov versus Zakayev in Londonistan

I don't intend here to lend credibility to non-credible threats on the internet. This piece is only about how freely such threats can be made by Londonistanis on websites based in the UK, even when the targets of the threats are also in UK.

In recent months Dokka Umarov and Ahmed Zakayev have both appointed themselves leaders of nonexistent states within Russia. On 31 October 2007, Umarov renamed his guerilla group the Causasus Emirate, with himself as emir, and immediately called for the killing of "apostates and collaborators", by which he means anybody in southern Russia who does not obey him. Twenty-six days later, Zakayev called himself Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, claiming that a phone-in election had been held, and he won. Kavkaz quickly started making death threats against Zakayev.

For their main platforms on the web, Ahmed Zakayev has "Chechen Press" in English and Russian, while Umarov's people have Kavkaz in English and Chechen Times in Russian.

I'll look at this scripted Kavkaz "interview" of the guy who runs Chechen Times, namely Zakhar Abukhanov.

From the interview:
[interviewer:]Zakhar Abukhanov claims that Zakayev contacted him with a proposal to kill Boris Berezovsky, who now has a stringent control over all Zakayev's actions and financially supports the former Chechen Foreign Minister, his family and his circle of the members of the London criminal group.

[interviewer:]"Along with it there was a report that Zakayev and Berezovsky contacted you about the 'order' [to assassinate] certain activists. The names of Abramovich and Demian Kudryavtsev were mentioned. Later on among the Chechen diaspora in France there was hearsay that Zakayev tried to organize some terrorist act in PACE [Euro parliament] through some persons: whether it was an assassination, or an explosion, but something went wrong. Which motives, do you think, Zakayev is moved by?"

[Abukhanov:]Berezovsky wanted to physically remove not only Governor of Chukotka Roman Abramovich, but a number of other Russian businessmen as well, -- Berezovsky's rivals who visit Europe often. For these purposes he was looking a responsible perpetrator through Zakayev, so that everything could be blamed on Chechens.

"I was telling Zakayev that you cannot assassinate people in Europe because it would create problems for Chechens. If there is a need to ‘settle the score' with somebody, it would be much easier and cheaper done in Russia. Everybody knows that. But both Zakayev and Berezovsky needed turmoil in Europe, so that the Chechens would be the cause of the turmoil.

"I have a proof to back my words up. I made an audio recording of my conversation with Zakayev, which I'm willing to present in any court.

"Let me repeat once again. Zakayev's goal is to discredit all who are fighting against the Russian troops at home, and make himself the main and the only Chechen democrat, whom the West could count on. This is why he and his boss wanted (and they do want it even stronger today) to mastermind a provocation in Europe and blame it all on the Mujahideen.

I do not know Abukhanov's current location, but he is a mouthpiece of the mindless Islamist Dokka Umarov and he therefore certainly has no intention of disputing anything in any court. He deals in threats, not facts.

"Sure, Berezovsky has materials that would discredit Akhmed when exposed. B.A.B. is famous for his talent to gather not only ‘black dossiers' on his subordinates, but for betraying them as well, as soon as the person is no longer needed or gets out of his control. So Zakayev does have something to be worried about.

"But Berezovsky should be worried too. Zakayev, as a person who has access to Berezovsky, may take an advantage of this situation. Everybody knows that Zakayev is now in the process of negotiating with Kadyrov and Russian FSB. Berezovsky knows about that. I'm sure that Zakayev came up with some kind of story as to why he is conducting these negotiations, and he probably even got permission from him to do these negotiations.

"To me and to any person who knows Zakayev it is clear that he is seeking forgiveness from the FSB and from Kadyrov, because he fears for his life (especially after Litvinenko got killed), and if he helps them remove Berezovsky, then Moscow will forgive him and even promote him in the status of a traitor, which is good for the FSB, they will get a puppet with the image of a democrat. So far for Russians Zakayev is totally worthless. But Berezovsky is Putin's personal enemy. This is why they could use Zakayev, who is now openly offering himself to Kadyrov, as you can see today."

That's enough of Kavkaz's stuff to illustrate the point I wanted to make.