Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hani al-Siba'i update

Yesterday the British tabloid The Sun reported that al-Siba'i has been allowed to stay in the UK until 2011. He denied it today on the Hesbah forum and on his Maqreze website.
My guess is that the story of imminent deportation is a lie by al-Siba'i. For one thing, the UK almost never kicks a terrorist out of the country. Abu Qatada is wanted in a dozen countries including five EU countries, but the UK dares not deport him. Abu Doha, Mohammed al-Massari, Yasir al-Sirri, and numerous other terrorist fugitives, facilitators, and instigators are harboured in the UK and in most cases continue to operate almost unhindered. For another thing, al-Siba'i has not said that the UK will actually put him out, but just that they have ordered him out; I reckon London won't put him out as long as no country in the world will accept him except Egypt, where he is looking at 15 years.

Al-Siba'i's thread at Hesbah has now had 59 responses.

Update 11 November 2008: On his blog, al-Siba'i reiterates that London has given him six months to get out or be deported.