Friday, October 31, 2008

Hussein bin Mahmoud

حسين بن محمود
Hussein bin Mahmoud

I don't know his real name, but that is the name he uses on restricted terrorist forums and in terrorism-friendly internet rooms like the one operated by al-Jazeera.
His rank in AQ, at least among those members who appear regularly on the internet, is definitely quite near the top. He could one of al-Qa'ida's financiers, possibly

ياسين عبد الله عز الدين قاضي
Yasin Abdullah Izzuddin Qadi (or al-Qadi)
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

or, less likely in my opinion,

وائل حمزة عبد الفتح جليدان
Wa'il Hamza Abdul-Fatah Julaidan
Madina, Saudi Arabia and Sana'a, Yemen

He is one of the sixteen "writer"-level members of the senior (but declining) al-Qa'ida forum called Hesbah, where his username is "rooooh50". He even has his own logo:

Today, 2008.10.31, he uploaded a message addressed to Usama Bin Ladin. He says his 7-year-old daughter "wants to see her uncle Usama". The rest of the letter is equally sentimental.

Hussein bin Mahmoud has some sort of education, can read English, and seems to have freedom of movement and information. He has written several commentaries on material that he has read from the American RAND Corporation.