Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Lion of Jihad 2" talking about money and politics

His username on the forums is

أسد الجهاد2

He is a relatively well-known and quite vicious al-Qa'ida forum participant.

He or an assistant of his has uploaded a 19-page document, in PDF and DOCX formats, which talks about the recent bank failures and related financial stuff. To make a long story short, Lion of Jihad 2 undertakes to "explain" that all the bad news is due to the world's resistance to al-Qa'ida and Salafist totalitarian rule. And like all Salafists, he says that there is no difference, but only rivalry, between the two American political parties.

I think the only remarkable thing about this piece, and other recent vague essays like it, is that it illustrates that AQ has been degraded to the point where its public communications are often nothing more than reactions to news of events in the real world, about which the al-Qa'ida members can do nothing.