Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rashid Ra'uf probably killed in N. Waziristan

In an American drone strike on 22 November 2008.
BBC (subject to revision)
The News of Pakistan

About how Ra'uf walked out of Pakistani custody in 2007:
The News

The reaction to the demise of Ra'uf (not by columnists but by terrorists) will be worth watching.

Update: Fox says in part:
"There is good reason to believe, as the Pakistanis have stated, that a major terrorist is dead," a U.S. official told FOX News, referring to Rashid Rauf.

Update: MSNBC says in part:
A senior U.S. counterterrorism official told NBC News that Rauf and a Saudi militant called Abu Zubair al-Masri were the targets of the strike in North Waziristan.
"These guys are no longer with us," the official said.

The name Abu Zubair al-Masri does not agree with other reports, and "al-Masri" means Egyptian, not Saudi.