Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chechen Islamist neutralized in Istanbul

Novosti in English, quoting Turkish media.
Islam Janibekov is the name being reported. The weapon is said to have been a Russian two-barreled pistol with silencer.
The Turkish press story has been copied by the other side also: to the website of Dokka Umarov's self-styled Caucasus Emirate, which is operated mainly in Turkey by Movladi Udugov. Since the Wahhabi terrorist charities in Daghestan were shut down, the laundering of money to Umarov and company seems to be done in Turkey.
At present I am not aware of any infiltration from Turkey to Russia via Georgia, but it has happened before. Keyword: Pankisi Gorge.

Update, 13 December 2008: The story has been removed from Udugov's website.