Monday, December 1, 2008

Zawahiri on the dead Bali bombers

22:06 audio. Zawahiri lionizes the three Bali bombers who were executed on 8 November in Indonesia, and crabs about an interfaith dialog held on 12 November in Saudi Arabia.

The audio is pasted over a static graphic of Zawahiri. Grafted into the video component is some old footage of three Londonistanis:

1) Saudi al-Qa'ida member Sa'ad al-Faqih. Since Zawahiri is on about Saudi Arabia this time, it was natural for the video technician to recycle some of al-Faqih's anti-Sa'ud stuff, to make it appear that somebody was chiming agreement with Zawahiri.

2) Abdul Bari Atwan, the manager of the terrorism-friendly Palestinian tabloid al-Quds al-Arabi ("Arab Jerusalem"). That was the paper that first published Usama Bin Ladin's two so-called fatwas, plus al-Qa'ida's claim of responsibility for the African embassy bombings of 1998.

3) Azzam al-Tamimi, who identifies himself with a quasi-academic pressure group called the Institute of Islamic Political Thought.

Update: English translation by NEFA, a 3-page pdf.