Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ali Ben Haj reappears

Ali Ben Haj
علي بن حاج
also referred to as Ali Belhaj and Ali Bin Haj, is #2 in the Islamic Salvation Front, a banned Algerian Islamist party. He has spent most of the last 20 years in Algerian prisons, but he got out in 2005 as part of a reconciliation program in that country. Now, like so many other totalitarian Islamists, he is exploiting Operation Cast Lead to condemn Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Fatah, along with Israel. His piece is in the form of a shari'ah fatwa or argument, full of quotations from the qur'aan, hadith, and "scholars", and about three pages long. The banner (above) which accompanied his document appears to be from the Islamic Rights Observatory, i.e. Yassir al-Sirri. Al-Sirri is wanted for murder in Egypt and has been harbored by the UK since the late 1990's. The document itself was uploaded to a website controlled by Mohammed al-Massari, who is also harbored by the UK.