Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yemen reports 2 AQ killed and 1 captured

Al-Motamar news, Yemen:

2 al-Qaeda members killed, a third captured by Yemeni security
Tuesday, 20-January-2009
Almotamar.net, Saba - Yemeni security forces killed two suspected terrorists affiliate of a four-person cell of the al-Qaeda during a security raid against the cell in the Yemeni capital Sana'a.

Security sources said Monday that security forces had attacked a house in Sana'a where the four members of the terrorist cell were hiding in.

"The security forces exchanged fire with the cell and killed two members of the cell, including Saudi citizen Salem Mohammed Magsaf, wanted by Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The second person killed in the operation was Badr Dawod Saleh Mashra'a of the Yemeni province of Hodeida", said the sources.

"Security also arrested the third person of the cell named Abdul Rahman Ali Mohammed al-Ghrabi while the fourth suspected terrorist, Musa'ad Ahmed Naji al-Barari has managed to escape".

The sources pointed out that the security services are currently in pursuit of al-Barari, added that the investigation has begun with the arrested al-Ghrabi.


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