Friday, September 11, 2009

Pakistan arrests a curious group of Swedish and Turkish nationals

Associated Press via Fox News.

Much of the web presence of al-Qa'ida and affiliated Sunni groups is run from Turkey, with assistants in Germany, Sweden, and the UK.

Update: A Swedish paper, Aftonbladet, says the ex-Guantanamo Swede Mehdi-Mohammed Ghezali had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia. They quote an anti-Guantanamo pressure group who in turn quote the guy's father in Sweden.

Update: The story broke when some official in Pakistan gave AP a list of the names of those arrested. It turns out that they were picked up "last week at a checkpoint in the southern town of Dera Ghazi Khan" according to the Pakistani news website The Nation.

Update: Sweden confirms 3 nationals held in Pakistan from Dawn News.

Update: All the big news organs now have this story. Mehdi-Mohammed Ghezali is indeed one of those arrested.