Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shabaab endorsing Bin Ladin

CBS News describes a recent Shabaab video in which they make obeisances to Usama Bin Ladin.

As-Sahab logo on this one. 48:33 in length. English subtitles for the voices using Arabic or Somali, and Arabic subtitles in some other portions. No Somali subtitles. It contains a variety of preexisting propaganda and TV video plus its own TV-style decorations. "An Eid present", they call it.

No doubt, one of the aims of this video is to attract sponsorship (weapons, money, travel documents, and publicity) from the same Arabs who support the other al-Qa'ida franchises, several of which they salute in this video. But there is also quite a bit of footage of young guys training. So, recruitment from outside Somalia is another motive of Shabaab's on this occasion.

The video makes no mention of the recent killing of Saleh Nabhan in Somalia, or any subsequent events.