Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please help save Hussein Murradi (repost)

Hussein Murradi is an Afghan civilian now in the UK. As a child he was forced to submit to the Muslim religion, but in Britain he has publicly discarded Islam. Now the UK has turned down his application for refugee status, and intends to return him to Afghanistan, where it is highly likely that he will be lynched for apostasy.

An NGO called the British Humanist Association is defending Murradi. Please visit:

That page contains a form which facilitates an email to the British cabinet secretary responsible for refugee claims.

This article at The Independant contains some quotations from Murradi himself.

If Murradi is granted refugee status in the UK, or if he is moved to some country that has the guts to protect him, I will remove this blog entry from the web. Until then I will be watching this affair, including any involvement of the many Muslim pressure groups in the UK.