Thursday, September 17, 2009

Massari of Londonistan trying to get back in business

Muhammad al-Massari lives in London with the status of a political refugee. Under British government protection he has run pro-terrorism web forums with various names over the years, most recently Midaad as-Siyuf (Ink of Swords, i.e. blood). He's back now, reusing his old Tajdeed trademark. Midaad went down not long after a conflict broke out between Massari on one side, and al-Qa'ida cleric Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi and his Londonistani sycophant Hani al-Siba'i on the other.

Maqdisi versus Massari

Hani al-Siba'i clashing with Muhammad al-Massari

Maqdisi sides with al-Siba'i; al-Massari backs down

Now Massari on his newest forum has taken the title "Imam" and has written some excuses about why the previous forum went down. In particular, he's claiming that the dispute had taken a profane and abusive tone "unworthy of a Muslim, let alone a mujahid" (my translation, from his Arabic). He makes obeisances to Maqdisi and Siba'i, and I think lately he has been flattering the Egyptian side of al-Qa'ida a little, presumably to ingratiate himself with Siba'i, who is a publicity hub of al-Qa'ida's Egyptian component.

Massari has numerous YouTube accounts, whereby he is busily uploading pro-terrorism propaganda videos. His terrorist forum is not getting much traffic, but he's using it to publicize and distribute some of his previous writings which endorse suicide bombings, indiscriminate mass homicide of noncombatants, and everything about his fellow Saudi Usama Bin Ladin.